using machine learning & computer vision, we reduce landscaping proposal timeframes from several days to 10 minutes
livee automates the sales process for interiorscaping companies
partners :
faster pre-sales process

meaning you can convert warm clients who are ready to order & know what they want
what you get
10 times
of designer's time economized

we save time by our automated proposal system
savings each proposal

from automating manual design and calculations
your team loses hours preparing conventional proposals
up to 60% of your proposals are being rejected
you don't know how to filter valid leads from "tire kickers"
we train our AI algorithm based on your data including:
+ plants & pots database import
+ budget & service calculations
step 1
livee Integration into your pre-sales flow including:
+ easy to use & intuitive UX accounts
+ creating & education customer support
step 2
boost your sales efficiency by 700% including:
+ lead screening in 2 min
+ automated landscaping concept designs in 10 min
+ automated budget & service calculation
step 3
livee helps us grow interior landscaping sales without hiring additional employees which was especially important in turbulent times.
Sergey Osotin,
new business director,
ficus landscaping
your clients would be excited
up to
40 hours
without livee
with livee
time to prepare custom proposal
10 min
per proposal
fully automated
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