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Involvement in the
startup program
Livee on the global business development platform NVIDIA Inception
What is NVIDIA Inception?
It's a global network program of over 8,500 technology startups. NVIDIA Inception is designed to help AI startups to grow faster and more effectively. It does this through access to cutting edge technology and industry experts, marketing support, and connections with (venture capitalists)

This program supports all stages of the startup lifecycle for free. Participants are provided with the best technical tools and knowledge through educational programs from the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, advice and feedback from the best experts in the industry, and support for GPU hardware.
How it helps Livee
1. Access to a community of experts is one of the most valuable opportunities to learn how the problems that we encountered during the launch and testing of the first version of the product are being solved. We've already received some valuable tips that will be used to implement Livee 2.0.

2. Getting technical support on two AI components of our product at once.
Firstly, thanks to the transition to the sparse matrix and training our neural network on it, we will be able to significantly improve the quality of the recommendation system and speed up the process of issuing recommendations.

Secondly, we work a lot with the computer vision module, for which Nvidia accelerators are extremely important.

Among the participants of the program are companies working in industries like agriculture, fintech, healthcare, and more. Аnd we are very proud to be on the same team with companies such as Zibra.ai, Spatial, and others.
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