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People of Barcelona create unique multicultural experience that has a global impact. MOB researches this mutation and accelerates co-creativity by exploring unique talents: artists, innovators, future-thinkers & philosophers. People who are always ahead of so-called "new norm".

Mutants of Barcelona (MOB) aims to map this real-time mutation in the Barcelona's human-generated DNA. So there will be less barriers between local & global.
Mutant noun [ C ] US /ˈmju·t̬ənt/ - a new type of organism that is a result of the process of mutation
po se
We believe that collaboration lies behind worlds' greatest achievements. It helps to solve existing problems, launch impactful ideas and build human-friendly space.
Find out what mutants are creating new normal in the city
Establish meaningful relations with the mutants
Build, generate, disrupt, push things forward.
a n t s
List of the mutants always develops.
More & more personalities pop-up here like a stars on the night sky. They form DNA of Barcelona.
Venezuelan musician & performance artist. Bjork & Rosalia collaborator.

Neil Harbisson
Cyborg artist and activist for transpecies rights.

Erika Lust
Swedish erotic film director. Promotes the aims of the feminist pornography movement.

Enric Palau
Sonar festival of advanced music and multimedia art co-founder.

Lope Serrano & Nicolás Méndez aka Canada
Founders of creative production company based in Barcelona, London and Los Angeles. Directors of Rosalia, Travis Scott, Dua Lipa, Louis Vuitton videos.

Héctor Ayuso
OFFF festival founder, designer, artist, creative director, curator, teacher, runner.

Is there a genuinely true art? What really differs visionary people from others? How does mutant DNA look alike?

DNA is a truth behind mutant personality, its ideas and impact.
Original voice
We define mutants unique voice: its structure and components.
Creative process
We uncover "how its made" process of mutation.
We reveal how mutants collaborate with others: find, share & co-create.
examples of the recent Barcelonian mutant art
Arca: "Mequetrefe" (music video)
CANADA: Rosalia & Travis Scott "TKN" (music video)
Social mission
Collaboration with mutants is highly important in the age of Black lives matters, pandemic & refugee crises and cyberwars. We believe that Barcelona is a great playground for the social innovation.
From the 1st there was_a_challenge
Bon dia / Buenas dias / Good morning
Feel really free to mutate us.
Made in Barcelona
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