20.12.2021⠀WHAT'S NEW
Livee + The National Interiorscape Network (USA)
We have become the exclusive technical partner of The National Interiorscape Network. And that's why it matters.
It is an international alliance of premier companies who have united to set the professional standard for ethics, integrity, and exceptional service in the interior horticultural industry. The National Interiorscape Network brings together a design professional, fаcility managers, suppliers of plants, and companies who deal with landscape and biophilic design. Today there are more than 150 professionals in the USA.
Our values are the values of The National Interiorscape Network. We recognize that Indoor plants not only beautify our work environment, but they are always hard at work to make our environment happier, healthier, safer, and more productive.
Livee 2.0 will expand the tech capabilities of US companies that do mindful landscaping.
So, new Livee is:

  1. More oriented towards sales managers
  2. We add functionality for quick work with the generated concept of landscaping design. For now, there is also the ability to change both individual project indicators and the overall budget
  3. We can account for the lighting level in different parts of the office. This will help you choose plants more efficiently.

All this and much more are already included in Livee 2.0, which was released earlier in December.

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